What is a composite door?

If you are looking for a new front or back door you might have read about or been offered a composite door, amongst the traditional options of uPVC, aluminium or timber.

You might have seen houses in your street with stylish coloured doors and the chances are they are composite doors. But as well as being a really stylish addition to your home what exactly are composite doors?

Doors like uPVC, timber or aluminium are constructed of just one single material, composite doors are different as they are made up of many materials making them exceptionally well-designed modern doors. This combination includes glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), solid timber or foam and/or uPVC which all together creates a door that's a really good insulator and secure.

This is why composite doors were created, as they take the best elements from what is found in a traditional door and takes the benefits they offer creating a stronger, more secure door that will last for years to come as they need little or no maintenance.

Composite doors are the latest type of door used in homes across the country and have been so popular because they can look like a traditional wooden door, with attractive wood grain because of the materials used. The other major benefit is because of the materials used in a composite door it won't fade, discolour or require any maintenance beyond wiping with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.

At MPN we offer two types of composite door

GRP Composite Doors - Our classic composite doors are GRP doors made of secure impact resistant glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). We've brought together materials to give you the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security, and weather resistance. Oh - and great looks as well. Behind that rather scientific-sounding name, you'll find the latest technology and design in doors.  When you're indoors you'll enjoy loads of style, strength and security. Our composite door is thick - but it's also very smart. In fact it's 44mm thick (compare that to conventional PVC panel doors at 28mm). Its powerful too, its super-strong structural frame and up-to-the-minute hardware makes our composite door even more secure. Its glass reinforced plastic finish means you'll be secure in all weathers and enjoying great looks for years to come.

Solid Core Doors - Our top of the range solid core collection is a premium collection of beautiful traditional and contemporary front doors, engineered to deliver exceptional strength and performance. Every door is made with a robust Nordic wood core, the best materials and exceptional standards of design and construction - every piece in our collection is certain to enhance your home.

Whichever of our composite doors you choose you can be sure that your new composite door will be strong, long lasting, secure and energy efficient and have the added bonus of being customisable.

With a host of customisable options to choose from across colour palette, glazing, ironmongery and security, these elegant doors provide the strength and beauty to make a bold statement, whatever your property style. Keen to see more of what a composite door looks like? Check out our composite door page for more information or try our interactive composite door designer online to create your perfect door.

Still not sure what's right for you?

Given that there are endless options for customising walls, windows, doors or roofs, why not talk to one of our experts and discuss what's right for you?