Orangery Vs Conservatory
What should we choose for our home?

Many homeowners across the country looking to add extra living space to their home, are realising the benefits choosing of a tiled-roof conservatory.

When you think of a conservatory, you probably think of it having a glass or polycarbonate roof.

Our tiled roofs can be installed on any conservatory design. From Edwardian to Gable style conservatories, our range of tiled roof options are created bespoke to fit your conservatory.

Improved thermal efficiency – This is one of the key benefits of choosing a tiled roof for your conservatory. Due to the added layers of insulation in the roof structure allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. In winter you will also benefit from a significant reduction in your heating bills. .

Improved acoustics – The addition of a tiled roof not only improves the thermal efficiency, but it also improves the acoustics of your conservatory. Compared to glazed and polycarbonate roofs, tiled roofs will create a quiet and calm living space, reducing the noise by up to 30 decibels. .

Better aesthetically – Our solid roofs come in a wide variety of colours and styles so they can be made to perfectly match your existing property. This makes your conservatory look more like an extension becoming an integral addition part of your home.

Add skylights to still get the traditional conservatory feeling – Just because you have chosen a solid roof doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the light offered by a traditional glass roof conservatory. Adding skylights to your roof results in lots of light in your new room, but the vaulted ceiling interior will give your home a unique ambience.

Adds value to your home – By choosing a tiled roof conservatory can increase the value of your home. The improved usability and aesthetic appeal offered by a tiled roof conservatory can transform your homes living space, which along with adding value to your home could also reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home if you decided to place your home on the market.


A question we get asked frequently is what is an orangery? The best description is that its halfway between an extension and a conservatory and is most definitely a more extravagant extension to your home.

If you choose an orangery for your home you can expect solid brick pillars, large glazed windows, brick or stone bases and a stunning roof lantern allowing light to flood into your new room. An orangery really does tend to feel more integrated into the rest of the house and one of its favourite uses is as a kitchen / dining extension with views over your gardens.


Our conservatories come in a range of styles that are diverse as the homes they compliment. If your aim is to maximise space, a Georgian conservatory has a classic rectangular or square shape whilst still keeping its elegant lines. For homes where you have an awkwardly shaped recess then a lean-to conservatory is typically a great solution.

The Gable design is truly majestic and adds an elegant addition to the back of your home or you could opt for the ornamental detailing of the multi-sided Victorian style conservatory.

With the range of roofing options now available for new conservatories you are spoilt for choice. A polycarbonate roof is the most cost effective to the latest energy efficient solar glass roof systems. However for the maximum wow factor and to make your conservatory feel like an additional room in your home then take a look at our new range of tiled roof conservatories.

Essentially, the decision over whether to opt for a conservatory or an orangery depends on a variety of factors - including space, budget and purpose.

Still not sure what's right for you?

Given that there are endless options for customising walls, windows, doors or roofs, why not talk to one of our experts and discuss what's right for you?