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Luxury Double Rebated Composite Doors

Our new range of luxury double rebated composite doors are much more than just a door.  Every door is crafted and installed with meticulous attention to every detail. 

Your front door is a symbol of your home and it’s as individual as you are.  Which is why it’s so important that when you choose a new door, it has to be exactly right. Not just nearly right.

Diamond Composite Doors

Every composite door in our luxury range is double rebated as standard, to help you keep the heat inside where it belongs. Not only does this help the environment, it saves money on your heating bills too. A double rebate door make the weather seal more resistant to the elements and more effective than their single rebate equivalents.

After all, it’s going to be with you for years to come. It’s going to keep you, your family and possessions safe and sound. It’s going to keep out the cold and wet, yet keep in the warmth.  It’s got to be as good looking in 10 years time as it is on the day it’s installed.

Why it's the best composite door on the market

Composite Door Style Guide


Our composite doors come in a wide range of colour, glazing options, styles and finish. In fact as they are bespoke for your property you’ll probably never see a composite door the same as yours.

The combination of door colour, glass, furniture and finish means that there are over one and a half million options from which you can to choose your perfect door.

We also offer side panels or for the wider entrance sidelights and toplights to compliment your new door. Our doors are created with symmetry and proportion, crafted with the highest standard of attention to detail and using the strongest lowest maintenance materials available .

Your new door will help transform your home enhancing its appearance and character of any home whether its modern or contemporary.

All of our doors are fully guaranteed for 10 years but designed to last for over a quarter of a century.

 It’s not every day that you invest in a new door so it’s vital that you can choose a company and door you can trust. With our door will give you piece of mind that it’s going to be as good looking in 10 years time as it is on the day it’s installed.

So take your time in making the right decision and make certain it’s one that you don’t regret.

Choose a MPN composite door and get ready to adore your door from the moment it arrives.


Secure Composite DoorsEvery one of our composite doors are fitted with an ultra-secure multipoint locking system, and our composite doors are also thick, 68mm to be precise and GRP skinned, that’s 50% thicker than most competitors composite doors.

This adds up to a composite door that provides the highest level of security giving you the householder total piece of mind.

 Our a unique double rebate system combined with 12 locking points to provide unrivalled protection against flooding and break in – in fact it reduces water ingress by 99.5 when compared to a standard single rebate composite door

Our MPN composite doors have been designed, developed, manufactured and are installed to meet or exceed all current British security standards such as PAS23andPAS24, the latest and most stringent BSI security and weather performance standards.

 The doors are also Secured by Design-the official police security initiative.

Energy Efficient

Secure Composite DoorsEvery MPN composite door features a double rebate as standard, what this does is makes the weather seals much more draught proof and effective than their single rebate equivalents which is used on the majority of composite doors on the market today.

In addition, each door features a high density central core providing excellent acoustic and insulation qualities, this helps keep even more heat within your property and keeps the cold out compared to a standard infill composite door resulting in lower energy bills for you.

As a result our doors achieve the highest ratings of any door currently on the market.



Colour Options

Our GRP' through colour' composite doors are available in a choice of 8 colour finishes including black(beck brown) and white.

composite door colours


Finishing Touches

Add the finishing touches to your door by choosing from a complete range of matching quality door handles, letterplates, urn knockers, spyholes, security chain and numerals in gold and chrome effect finish.

 composite door accessories


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