Network Veka

Network VEKA helps homeowners immediately tell the craftsmen from the cowboys.

MPN Windows and Doors is a proud member of the respected Network VEKA standards organization and brings together some of the most respected pvc-u home improvement companies in the UK.

The Network VEKA organisation was formed in 1996 when some of VEKA's best window suppliers came together to raise standards within the double glazing industry. Double glazing often used to be associated with pushy salespeople and shoddy workmanship. These forward-thinking companies, with VEKA's help, formed an organisation which aimed to ensure that customers were treated with the respect and professionalism they deserve. Network VEKA strictly polices itself in order to offer consistently high standards. All prospective members are thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to join and once accepted; companies are frequently audited to ensure they maintain the expected level of customer service.

Thanks to these measures, our research shows that on average Network VEKA members achieve around a 98% customer satisfaction rating, compared to the industry's average of just 83%.

So confident is Network VEKA in the quality of its members' work that we are able to offer its industry-leading Ten Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee, which safeguards your investment and offers the peace of mind you seek when choosing home improvements.

Please get in touch on 0800 803 0821 for any advice you might need, we have been in the double glazing industry for many years and are always happy to help.

Network Veka

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