Energy Saving Double Glazed Windows

Free windows and doors after 8 Years

Many of us are now familiar with energy ratings on most home electrical appliances such as fridges and cookers, which allow us to see which are the most energy efficient for our homes.

Our argon gas filled windows are so energy efficient that the savings you make on your energy bills means that within 8 years your windows and doors would be FREE.

At MPN we understand that every customer is different and has different budgets, we offer a choice of either A rated or C rated windows, both of which are highly energy efficient.

argon gas filled w Windows

Energy ratings for windows Window Energy Ratings (WERs) are similar and are based on the specification of each window.

The current Building Regulations (Part L 2010) requires that all domestic replacement windows should be rated at C or above. Ratings span from A to G with an A rated window is the highest possible rating for your window.

Most double glazed windows , even those installed in the last 10 years will be rated an E at best, at MPN we use Planitherm the most efficient window glass.

We offer A rated glass as standard providing our customers with maximum energy efficiency at no extra cost.

Benefits of  Energy Efficient Windows

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